Protecting Your Family

Protect Your Family,Put Your Worries To Rest

When you are a parent, you worry about everything. Put that worry to rest by letting us help you put together that Will you have been putting off.

Whether your complexity arises from having minor children or a blended family, you need to make sure that everyone is taken care of and your assets go where you want them to go.

We make estate planning for families simple to put together a will or trust that is tailored to your family and your budget. That way you can stop worrying about the what-ifs and know your family is protected.

Peace of Mind For Parents

Thinking about passing away unexpectedly when you have minor children is heartbreaking. As much as you have been putting off doing a Will - know that you will feel relief when you check it off you list.

Failing to nominate a guardian for minors or properly pass assets to them in trust means that family members - and the Courts - will have to scramble to guess what you would have wanted.

Once you take a little time to answer our simple questionnaire, you can be done in a few weeks— this way you can put these concerns out of your mind knowing all contingencies are covered.

Blended Families

Do you have 5 minutes to name a Guardian for your child?

I am offering a Nomination of Guardian form for free. It will be emailed to you instantly. It is the first step and you can take it now. Each parent must sign their own form.

This Standby Guardian form allows you to name a guardian for your minor child if you (and their other parent) pass away or become incapacitated before they are 18. The Guardian will take custody of your child and the form is  valid in NYS for 60 days until the guardian can be appointed by the courts.

You can read more about it here.

Complex & Blended Families

Whether your family complexity arises from having children from a prior relationship, an unmarried partnership or have estranged family members - the default intestacy statute could be disastrous.

Working with us to put together a simple estate plan now avoids serious problems later.
Passing away without a Will when you have minor or adult children poses serious problems that should prompt you to stop putting off your estate plan any longer.
Did you know that without a Will your assets are split between your spouse and children? Definitely not ideal when you have minors or children from a previous relationship.
A simple will or revocable trust avoids all these issues.

Let’s talk how to best protect your family with a tailored estate plan that best fits your needs and budget.

Our consultations are always thorough and always free.
Book online, schedule through email
or call our office at (212) 739-1736.

We Help Families With

Health Care Proxy

Advance Directives

Healthcare Proxy, Living Will, and Durable Power of Attorney. Advance Directives allow someone to name an agent to speak for them when they cannot do so for themselves.

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Living Will


A legal document that dictates how and to whom assets pass upon your death. A Will must be executed in a manner consistent with your state’s laws to be valid. Avoids intestate succession.

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Artists Trusts


A trust is a legal entity that holds assets for a beneficiary. It is funded by simply retitling assets in the name of the trust. Trusts are used for various purposes, e.g. avoiding probate or minimizing taxes.

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Estate Planning for Families

Special Needs

Special needs planning helps families provide care and support for a loved one with mental or physical disabilities. Supplemental Needs Trusts are often used to hold assets while protecting government benefits.

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Estate Planning for Parents

Frequently Asked Questions

Estate Planning for Families

Let’s work together in drafting an estate plan that protects everyone in your family. You may think that this is overwhelming but we provide simple solutions to hard problems.  Most of the work can be done remotely via email, Zoom, and our secure client portal.

I offer affordable flat fee pricing to make sure we get every detail right and that you understand the process from start to finish. Ask about my sliding scale fees for single parents.

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