Artists Estates

The Legacy of Your Creative Works

Artists worry how their creations will fare in the world after they are gone.

Estate planning for artists - visual artists, musicians, writers and actors involve unique practical hurdles as well as intellectual property concerns.

Together we can design an estate plan to address what happens to your artistic works, who receives revenue streams, and how best to protect your intellectual propertyand moral rights.

Visual Artists Wills

Visual Artists

As a visual artist, you want to direct where your physical artwork goes at your death, - to certain beneficiaries, an alma mater or a museum.

Estate Planning Musicians


As a musician, you want to control who receives royalties and how your music will be monetized at your death.

Estate Planning for Actors


As an actor, you want to make sure that your residuals go to the right people and that your image is protected after your death.

Estate Planning Writers


As a writer, you want to control how your literary works will be used and appoint an executor or trustee to manage your copyrighted works.

Estate Planning for Artists

Your legacy matters and you do not want your loved ones to be left without directions about what to do with your art at your death. You want to make sure that your artwork is in the right hands.

I have worked to help artists of every caliber put together an estate plan that takes all your concerns into account – from simple wills to more complex structures such as foundations and trusts.

Every type of artist has different estate planning needs, so it is important to let us know what type of artist you are.

A quick consultation (always gratis) lets us pinpoint the estate planning vehicle best for you - whether you need a simple Last Will & Testament, Revocable Trust, or LLC to hold your creative works.

We work with SAG, ASCAP, & BMI to tie up loose ends. We also have an affordable add-on to help you catalogue your work using a local photographer.

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We Help Artists With

Living Will


A legal document that dictates how and to whom assets pass upon your death. A Will must be executed in a manner consistent with your state’s laws to be valid. Avoids intestate succession.

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Artists Trusts


A trust is a legal entity that holds assets for a beneficiary. It is funded by simply retitling assets in the name of the trust. Trusts are used to avoid probate, protect assets and minimize taxes.

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Health Care Proxy

Advance Directives

Healthcare Proxy, Living Will, & Power of Attorney. Advance Directives allow someone to name an agent to speak for them when they cannot do so for themselves.

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Resources for Artists

Art Matters

Let’s work together in drafting an estate plan tailored to you and your creative works. You may think that this is an overwhelming and expensive task, but I promise you that it is not. Estate planning for artists is simply a subset with unique issues we know how to handle.

Most of the work can be done remotely via email, Zoom, and our secure client portal.

I offer flat fee pricing to make sure we get every detail right and that you understand the process from start to finish.

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